Anityashop is a sustainable, natural company born and based in London.


Why Anitya?

“Anitya” is the Sanskrit version of “Anicca”, from Buddhism. It means impermanence and change. Impermanence is one of the essential doctrines or three marks of existence in Buddhism. All existence is conditioned by change. Her founder Tania started to go deep into Tibetan Buddhism, meditation and vegetarianism two years ago, taking awareness of a new lifestyle through the consumption of chemical-free products and the discovery of properties in plants which until that moment were unknown to her such as hemp and bamboo, starting to consume products made of these and experimenting in herself to achieve amazing short and long term benefits. As the result of this she took the initiative to create a project of life with the objective of positively influencing the lifestyle of people, showing how you can learn new habits through responsible consumption with the objective of protecting our environment and all living, sentient beings.

Anityashop is a fusion concept of sustainability based on the manufacturing of hemp, bamboo and organic cotton accessories as well as chemical-free bodycare products. The use of hemp, bamboo and organic cotton will introduce alternatives in the ecological fashion and bodycare sectors. Anitya asserts to produce their products using 100% chemical-free material, reviewing the codes of conduct of our elected providers.

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Nepal AnityaShop
Nepal AnityaShop

Tania was always in mind to collaborate with Nepal since she visited the country in 2013.

There she met Folk Nepal, a fair-trade organisation which offer support to Nepali artisans helping them to promote their products internationally with marketing solutions. Among other projects, we can find education and health projects helping the neediest of Nepal and helping the children whose families cannot afford their studies. This handmade job of these communities is helping us with our green mission; walking to a bio economy and a sustainable global economy without frontiers.