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Meditation in the Big City – The Calm in the Storm

Big City Life – Speed – Light – Chaos – Decisions – Anxiety


The vast majority of any population is attracted to the city, with its bright lights and the promise of progress. To be a success you have to put yourself under a lot of stress and strain, but to do that alone can be detrimental to your health. In recent years there has been a shift towards mindfulness and meditation in the big city, providing you with the inner space and calm that will help in all aspects of your life.


The Chaos of Big City Life and the Chance to Free Yourself


You are bombarded from all sides when you live in a big city. There is never silence, with traffic, car alarms and the hum a city emanates when night falls. If you let this constant noise get inside your head it can only lead to stress and anxiety, but with a move towards meditation and secular mindfulness in many big cities over recent years, individuals are learning how to take back control of their choices during chaotic times, with clarity of thought.


The Benefits of Meditation in the City


When put together, the list of benefits of meditation is lengthy, and in many ways it is unbelievable that it has taken this long to take hold in big cities, where there has always been that urge to power through and be successful at all costs.


Physically, meditation can help relieve the stresses you feel. It strengthens your immune system and helps you power back up at times when you might feel drained. Tension and strains in your joints will lessen in severity and your blood pressure will begin to lower the more you meditate.


It’s not only your body that will feel the benefit of meditation. The resulting calmness helps you to become more tolerant of issues around you that would usually irritate and cause anxiety. You’ll learn to control your anger and have clarity of thought and decision-making. You will grow as a person and be much happier with your life should you choose to meditate. When everything around you is demanding an action yesterday, as in any big city, this clarity of thought and happiness is a big plus.


Meditation is becoming an integral part of city life, the calm centre next to the busy footfall, the hectic, fast paced lifestyle and the non-stop traffic. That inner calm can work wonders for your health and happiness, whether in a group setting on a regular basis, those quiet moments of reflection during your workday or out and about in town. Whether you live in London, New York, Milan, Madrid or Tokyo, don’t let city life get the better of you. Find yourself with meditation, take a step back, take a breath and reflect. It’ll work wonders for your life as a whole.


Take a Step Back – Breathe – Pause – Silence – Serenity – Calm


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