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Reasons to Support Fair Trade Products

Fair Trade is an important tenet for any individual or organisation that believes in the equal rights of all to be able to trade their products and services, without the restriction and unfair conditions which have unfortunately become the standard practice over centuries of international trade.


The Fundamentals of Fair Trade


The World Fair Trade Organization was founded in order to offer an overriding arc for companies committed to fair trade around the world. Fair Trade belongs not only to producers and suppliers, but also to the consumers. It relies on the belief and ideal to support the producers and raise awareness of issues which restrict them. Campaigns for change have made great strides and continue to do so, freeing individuals from the chains of slave labour, discrimination in the work place, environmental concerns and promote sustainable commerce for all, from a one person company to a multi-national organization.


The key is in the name, Fair Trade. It is a movement towards a fair and level playing field for all.


Why You Should Support Fair Trade


A Fair Price for Hard Work: By supporting Fair Trade you are ensuring that the producers of a product are paid fairly for their work, given an acceptable margin of profit in order to flourish and are able to pay their employees a fair wage.


Help Banish Unacceptable Working Conditions: Across the world people are working hard for little pay. Child and forced labour should be abolished and through Fair Trade steps are being made to help banish this horrible life that many suffer. By supporting fair trade companies and products you are ensuring that the person working to create the products you buy is treated fairly and given a fair wage. Fair Trade is about supporting non-discrimination and gender equality.


Create Opportunities for the Little Man: It’s tough to be the owner of a company wherever you are, but for small time producers in certain parts of the world it is even harder to find access to healthcare, education and good economic practice. Fair Trade helps organizations become transparent and become part of a network of sustainable trade, which promotes fair trading practice between all parties.


Help the Environment: The environment is a concern for all of us, and you can help by purchasing fair trade products. A campaign of environmental awareness feeds back into the companies we support. It encourages the use of environmentally friendly production in terms of substances used to create and package products as well as using sustainable natural resources.


Anitya Supports Fair Trade

Tania, the founder of Anityashop, travelled to Nepal in 2013 in search of greater understanding of the lifestyle change she herself had undertaken in terms of the ideals of Buddhism, vegetarianism and meditation. Whilst there she met Folk Nepal, a fair-trade organisation which offers support to Nepali artisans and gives them a platform to trade their products internationally. We wholeheartedly support this approach to helping the people of Nepal through education and health projects funded through fair-trade. We believe in a sustainable global economy and linking with Folk Nepal

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