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Why the Fashion Industry is Turning to Hemp and Bamboo

Just as in every other industry, during the 20th century the fashion industry saw a rise of consumerism and with it large-scale production of commodities. Producers had to find ways in which to produce large quantities of clothing in order to satisfy demand. In recent years, as each generation becomes more aware than the last of the implications on the planet of continuing in this same way, sustainable materials for clothing production have become more popular.


Bamboo and hemp are two of the materials that we love to use at Anityashop within our clothing and they have become popular worldwide for their durability and sustainability when compared to conventional materials used in the industrial scale fashion industry.


The Durability of Hemp


Hemp is widely known to be durable and to grow rapidly, two properties that signal it as a sustainable part of the future of clothing production. Of course, there are some downsides. Currently it can’t be dyed with the same degree of success as cotton and it can sometimes feel scratchy to the touch, but developments in production techniques are making it better to use from year to year.


Hemp is much stronger than cotton and doesn’t need anywhere near as much water to grow. Unlike cotton, it can also grow organically. This is a massive boost to an industry which needs to reduce its use of pesticides. Hemp is non-toxic and renewable and can also be used to create quality paper from pulp production. In fact, by increasing the use of hemp we could help cut deforestation and get back to the old days when hemp was used to create the majority of paper for books, and also have a sustainable clothing product which lasts much longer than cotton does.


Sustainable Properties of Bamboo


There are some debates about the sustainability of bamboo but the facts are out there for all to see, it reaches maturity very quickly and regrows at an astonishing rate. All of this takes place without the need to use chemicals or very much water. As a future cure for all that is wrong with our environment, bamboo could be the answer.


Some chemicals are used to create bamboo fibres for clothing production, but there is constant work going on to make it a much greener product, something that lives up to the sustainable growth of bamboo in the wild, and compared to cotton production there is just no comparison. Bamboo is safer to use and much more environmentally friendly. Bamboo fibres used in clothing are silky and soft to the touch, the gentlest clothing you can imagine. You’ll find that it is suitable to wear all year round, as a comforting warm blanket in the winter and a cool outfit in the warm summer months.


AnityaShop Supports Fair Trade


We stock socks, scarves and iPad cases made with hemp and bamboo in our online store alongside other sustainable products within the bodycare section of the shop. We believe in giving our planet a greater chance of surviving for future generations and by using sustainable products that use little to no chemicals in their production, allied with fair trade organisations that offer fair prices and wages to producers and suppliers, Anitya is doing its bit to help.

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